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Dinamicka Development

The history of the company

Dinamicka Development company has been working on the market of IT services since 2015. When it was originated, it consisted of only 4 people, all with a huge desire to make technologies comprehensible and available to everyone.

During these years, we’ve been through a long and exciting way from a small tight-knit team to a well-established company that has a strong collective that is able to solve any client’s issue.

We have over 350 successfully implemented projects in our portfolio that largely vary in their scale – from tiny tasks to complex and voluminous solutions for corporate clients.

We love our work that is based on long-term and trustworthy relations. This is backed by 20 large-scale projects, in which we are involved on a constant basis for a long time.

Dinamicka Development company is always striving to develop and grow.

Our policy is a work on an excellent result! Only this will give a valuable experience that will help solve tasks of any complexity in the future.

We are dynamically progressing company that is glad to adopt new team members, who will share the same ideology as Dinamicka Development company.

Our mission is to make the complex easy, the innovative available!

Our company offers professional services of the highest quality in three main areas: Development, Design, Marketing.

What separates you from working with us?
Just 1 click.

We optimize your time and will turn the financial investments into the direct result!

We want to make the working process comfortable and the development as easy as possible. One of the company’s goals is to optimize the client’s time and money to obtain the result. You can find more about the process of the development here:
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The basic principles of the company that we put at fore:

  1. PUNCTUALITY – We always make the schedule of the project and try to optimize the work in a way to make it possible for a client to receive the result even before the agreed term.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY – We always consider all client requirements and implement them in the ready solutions. This allows you receive exactly what you want.
  3. INDIVIDUALITY – We always prepare technical assignment based on requirements of a client and never use such no-phrases as “This is very hard to implement, let’s choose the alternative way.” Our goal is to make a product of your dream, not taking into account the hardness of its practical implementation.
  4. ENTHUSIASM – We love what we do and pass this love to our work.
  5. COMMUNICABILITY – We never leave our clients to wait languidly not knowing what! You will always know, what’s the stage of work under your Dream Project now.
  6. GOAL ORIENTATION – The result is obtained no matter what. We seek ways how to make it, not how to explain why we failed.

All our friendly team will be happy to meet with you! We specialize in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angualr.js, Node.js, React Native, and PHP\Laravel.


  1. Well-knit team.
  2. Over 350 implemented projects.
  3. A fine-tuned process of cooperation.
  4. The full range of services.

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